Sustainable development

Every day we work to make sure that millions of families have a chance to buy high-quality, affordable foodstuffs.

The concept of sustainable development is at the core of the strategy of the Resurs Agribusiness Group. We operate in strict compliance with the law and observe the rules of fair competition. We use environmentally friendly technologies to preserve the environment for future generations. Our foodstuffs contain no harmful and potentially harmful substances, including antibiotics, growth stimulants and GMOs.

Quality control is carried out by our own accredited laboratories and state supervisory authorities. We believe that the status of a recognized expert in AIC is not the limit, and that is why we continue to move forward and improve. For this reason, we are open to everything new, and we constantly study the world’s leading practices and use the experience of other professionals to achieve better results.

The Resurs Agribusiness Group is one of the largest employers of the Russian AIC. Our team includes professionals of various nationalities and religions in many regions of Russia and abroad.