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    What do our partners say about us?

    My name is Ayman, I am 27 years old, my husband and I live in Almaty. My husband recently returned from Moscow, where he got his education. Over the years of study, he got used to Russian foods. Therefore, I am very glad that I can buy chicken from Russia here too. Our favorite brand is URUSSA. The chicken is always of excellent quality and very tasty.

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    My name is Ahmed, I have a big family, we live according to the canons of Islam. The domestic assistant does the grocery shopping, she cooks the food with my mom. There are many different brands of poultry meat in our supermarkets, but we most often choose URUSSA chicken. I know that this is halal meat, which is produced at modern factories in Russia. In this country, the use of GMOs is prohibited, so poultry feed is definitely natural. This is very important, as it affects the quality

    Shanghai, China

    My name is Mingzhu, I recently married my classmate. Now we live in Shanghai, but we are ready to move to another part of China at any time if there is an interesting job offer. Moreover, in all major cities you can find something familiar that immediately makes you feel at home. For example, the products we usually buy. We love the URUSSA chicken, it’s a very good quality imported meat that’s easy to cook with. It’s great that this brand is brought from Russia to supermarkets throughout our country.