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Chickens grow in the most comfortable and natural conditions

We do not keep poultry in cages and provide them with high-quality feed. We made it from wheat, corn, barley and soybeans, which we grow on our own farm lands. The individual grain-based poultry diet contains vitamins, minerals and beneficial components necessary for the healthy development of chickens. Due to the balanced nutrition of livestock and high-quality raw materials, consumers receive delicious and high-quality products.

The products of our brand are one of the first in this industry to receive the «Halal» international mark. This marking has long been a sign of quality, but, first of all, «Halal» is a special permission for Muslims. Such foods can be eaten.

We care with respect to the traditions of Islam, so we strictly observe all the rules for the production of «Halal» foods. Manual slaughtering is carried out mercifully by faithful Muslims who have undergone special training. Before the slaughter, the obligatory reading of the prayer is performed in a special prayer room. «Bismillah!» is pronounced on the line, and the bird’s head turns towards the Kaaba. Blood removal occurs naturally after slaughter, the drain time is more than three minutes.

All tools, packaging materials and finished products are stored in specially designated areas.

Our processing plants undergo a multi-stage certification process to confirm compliance with Muslim canons: from documentation to technological processes. Quality control is carried out by a representative of the certification center. Every year we prove that our products are of high quality and harmless. There are no additives in it that are forbidden for Muslims to eat.

Sunflower oil

is another product that we are proud of. Stavropol Territory and Rostov Region are the regions where we produce bottled oil. All of our plants are located close to the raw material collection sites, which saves transportation time and maintains the high quality of seeds. The plants are fully automated, which makes it possible to almost completely eliminate manual labor.

We care about your health, so we refine the oil in several stages. We remove everything superfluous so that consumers get only the most necessary: Omega-6, Omega-9 and vitamin E.

All products of Resource Agribusiness Group have international quality certificates. Therefore, every day we work to ensure that there are always natural, healthy and nutritious foods on your tables.